Wildcrafted beauty and herbal body care.

Peace, Love and Plants

Softer on the earth. Softer on you.

We are committed to utilizing wild-collected and sustainably-sourced botanicals in the creation of our products. All of our ingredients are humane and environmentally friendly, enabling you to live a little more harmoniously with the world we live in.

SoHo, meet boho.

We believe in crafting high quality body care products that are deeply connected to the environments from which their ingredients were sourced. The result is a line of products refined enough to be found in high-end boutiques and stockists, yet natural enough to satisfy your inner bohemian.

Lava Love

Made with a blend of activated charcoal, cardamom and vetiver, our Lava Love soap bar is an invigorating scrub that turns each shower into a mini island vacation.